How can we take it serious if the "race" card is used for everything

    Everytime you expect someone to do the right thing morally, does someone say you are racist. If you are white, you have to put up with any name someone wants to call you.

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    Ignorance is a double edged sword.. you have to consider the source of the insult.

    I totally agree. I am sick to death and tired of the so called RACE CARD. I have been working since I was 16 years old am now 58 years old still working and have worked hard for everything all my life. Never owned a slave and most that are bitching about it have never been one. Their own people sold them into slavery not the white man so they need to stop and think if it was not for their own kind selling them into slavery they would not be here at all. Makes me feel like saying okay here is my old worn out tired old hard working white lady card now that both cards are on the table now what?


    While I agree that the card shouldn't be played, you must also note that 'white man' came to th west with vigilante in their hearts.. readily destroying the natives, cornering races that are minorities and subtly perpetuating hate and racism in our own entertainment.. it must be hard if you feel that the world thinks less of you because of your skin color.. just have compassion, and know that the negative energy is still there, affecting them. You can help to change that if you care.

    the question is far too vague.

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