boyfriend or parents

    Should i date behind my parents back?

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    I would try to talk to my parents.... explain what it is you like about this guy. Ask to see him at your house. Let them get to know him. DO they have a reason they do no approve of him.... If it is a legitamant reason you may want to rethnk you seeing him... I am sure you know what is best for you deep down. BE CAREFUL!

    how old 'are' you? if it's worth facing the consequences, if it frees your soul to do so, then yes.. but don't do it in vain. =] goodluck

    NO! the boyfriend is temporary, your parents are not.

     They will always love you, he will not.

    If your parents have said NO then they probably have a good reason.

    (you dont say how old you are)

    my parents were so obsessive about me...i wasnt allowed 2 meet my cousins (male only) so i did everything possible 2 enjoy myself.. LOL! so enjoy 2 fullest! ya within limits :D

    Well thats not always true @phyco mum, me and my fiance met when we were only 15 and ill be proposing to her in a couple weeks, her parents forbid her from seeing me but she still did...its not a matter of weither you should or not, its weither the consequences arnt to horrible and the reward is just, the outcome may not always be the one you want what you want be prepared to take the conseqences, and make sure that u have ur facts straight from both your parents and your boyfriend, your parents might say wait a year till u date and id just wait..but if there is a spefic reason id find it


    ya agree wid u ... parents love is unconditional ... i have kids n i feel terrible if they disobeyed me... i wud luv my kids share it rather than hiding it... but in my case my parents acted so strict that even if i wanted 2 share i started hiding fearing that if i tell or not , they will yell at me ... so there shud be friendship with kids so they feel comfortable in sharing...

    psyco mum

    there are not too many men like you. I understand what your saying but at the end of your answer to her, you have basically told her to wait a year. There maybe a little more her the situation than we know about. Your about to become a parent yourself, you will want your child to listen and obey you.

    If you don't mind being grounded, go ahead.

    No, remember this your parents are the only ones that will love you uncondisionaly no matter what, now just think, will it be good to do it behind them or better to tell them and be responsable of ur acts

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