In addition to the $39.95 what additional charges will there be in the future? Do not process my order until you reply and get my o.k.

    The reason I ask is that I was recently scammed by a work at home which only charged me $1.95 for their "Package", then charging me #39.95 for "Processing" and then charging me $100 for "Advertising". They also had pretty credentials like you, so frankly, I do not trust any of these schemes. Hold up until I receive your reply and give you my okay..

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    3 Answers

    Well considering you can't figure out how to contact the company you made your purchase with, I can understand how you could be easily scammed. I could drop my paypal link in here and have you send me $10.00 for processing which I'm sure you would find to be a cheap price to pay. : )

    We are not the site you are looking for. We only answer general questions about general things.
    In The Great South Land we can contact our Bank if the money was paid by any bank card, debit OR credit and they pursue the matter and hopefully get you money back for you. This costs you a few dollars but a damned site less than what you have lost. But as I say, this is in the enlightened Land Downunder.

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