what do you think about before you go to sleep at nite?

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    Well all sorts my Familey and say a few preyers including people on this site and If I am working worry about what I have to do the next morning I normally take a note book and pen and jot things down if I wake up so I wont forget then I can sleep oh love sleep

     My family
    Not being alone every night for the rest of my life
    What I might do the next day
    Someone I think I wish was beside me as I close my eyes
    How blessed I am, in spite of all the challenges and disappointments, and I say thank you, God.


    country bumpkin

    Yep, same here.(*~*)

    ""I think of consuming food, lovely food and more food...

    What do i give my Josie for her breakfast .Check my sons room empty "Ah of to work ok.Turn round on my side to look at my wife "smile and say ain`t I a lucky guy.Then close my eyes and go to sleep .


    You are so loveable dowsa I could kiss you love to Josie and you are a lucky guy! oxoxo


    How many times I may get up to PEE before the morning.  :(

    first i pray for my family, friends on this site, church family and all their extended families, leaders of the country. forgiveness of sins. then i try to settle down and i think how nice it would be to have someone to cuddle with and all i got is this old teddy bear my granddaughter gave me.

    i wonder if this could be my last day here on earth... that trumpet could blow at any given time..

    I prey for the benefit of others because my needs are met.


    Good answer Robert

    That`s KIND!!:-)

    Nothing actually, by the time I go to bed, I'm ready to sleep. If I do think of anything, it is usually how comfortable the pillow feels under my head. I do all my other thinking before going to makes going to sleep and forgetting about everything else more gratifying.


    YOU`RE SO.OOO LUCKY!!!:-))

    Bills, to do list, family, and where my tiny dog is on the bed.. I always think I am going to squish her.

    I try not to think, thinking keeps me awake...................!

    I think of God who guides me and my family, and gives us good health.  I give Him thanks.  Then I pray for my grand children.  Lastly I ask Him to grant me good sleep.


    and forgiveness of sins.

    Right you are. Have a wonderful evening.

    I DON`T EVEN bother to think about the CONCEPT of rarely happens...I plug into my ipod to drown all thoughts away!!LOL!...Then If SLEEP happens it`s a MEGA BONUS!!...The last thing I want to think about is reviewing the day or the next or the next!!:-)

    Will I get up in the morning in my recliner or in heaven. Been falling asleep in that damn thing lately.


    AWWWHH:-(..BLESS!! xx

    Haven't heard from you here in about a month, ed shank. If you ARE in heaven, save me a seat! Miss you.
    ed shank

    Not yet Bob, I've been so busy I don't know if I'm coming or going. Missed you too, along with the rest of the crew here.

    It was great to come home from my first day of work (yep, a real job with benefits and everything) and see your name off the MIA list.
    ed shank

    Congrats on the job. No more ED on the MIA list. I'm touched that someone noticed my absence.

    I'm not the only one. :D
    ed shank

    Hope your job doesn't interfere with your time here, you'll have to quit.

    Let's give it a week :D

    Scrambled thoughts nothing specific

    Unfortunately, what early hour I have to get up to,...or fortunately that I can sleep as late as I want to, NO work that day!  What a great inner feeling that is!

    I review the day in my mind.


    Going to sleep. R. Screen

    I wonder if  a certain person will ever not be busy and text me again.I miss him alot, but i can understand why he cant contact because of his busy schedule.But thats what i  think off.xxxxxxxxxx 

    He is busy with his job and his phone has been switched off.He is not ignoring me, he is just very busy, he works seven days a week as a nightclub bouncer, so i can understand him not being able to contact.Emmaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Hey, Emmi. I suppose enough time has elapsed that you could give him a call again OR try to forget and move on.

    I can't discuss any of that stuff here.  Colleen is working overtime today.

    Well for me  I think about how long I will sleep before  I wake up to go to the bathroom  after the head call  its daylight before I do  go back to sleep

    sorry , but i voted 10 minus on accident, try to correct it 

    I think of the very best things that happened to me that particular day out of so many crappy things that might have  happened.  Especially.., any and all personal interactions with people I love.  I go over our interpersonal dance and extract every nuance of love and friendship I might have missed during the day, because  distractions and all.  Makes my night........, and strengthens my love and devotions.


    i try to answer any questions in my mind


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