pain behind my ear in my skull

    hi im 33, and this morning i woke up to a sharp stabbing pain behind my ear near the base of my skull, i got up to get a drink of water and found myself very off balance, i had blind vision where i had to keep blinking my eyes to get focused, this has never happened to me before, i am a little worried is it worth me goingto the doctor?

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    Any time you think you my need to get medical attention, GO! If very well could be sinus related. However, migriane, stress and many other more serious conditions could be the culpret.

    Sounds like inner ear problem See a doctor.

    OMG yes it's worth worrying about. Dont waste time asking on this site, Get to a doctor. My brother had an anurizm at age 27


    I dont think its nothing to frighten him with all of this, it could just be a Migrane, Aneurysms are a possiblity but id consult with a doctor first

    Pain behind the ear could be a mastoid problem. It rarely is a sharp pain which does not last though. The blurred vision is not a symptom of a mastiod problem. There are a plethera of diagnoses associated with these symptoms. GO TO THE DOCTOR

    This is something that should be evaluated by a doctor, without question. Although it may be a migraine, or a mastoid, or any number of things, the symptoms are ones that need attention soon. It is always good policy to see a doctor if you have symptoms that go beyond the normal cold, aches or pains. You have mentioned difficulty with balance, and with a quick onset of pain. These two things alone warrant evaluation. Even if you go to the ER, and are told that it is a migraine, your mind will be at ease (even if your wallet is a bit more empty)!

    This seem that it is not sirous but if the symtoms continue then the problem can become very sirous...i would suggest seeking medical attention as soon as is nothing to run to the emergency room about but your local Physcian can help with that problem

    It sounds as if you may have developed a mastoid,you should see a doctor.If i am right it is often painful,but is treatable.Good Luck.

    tension headaches my doctor called it....ok sure....felt like someone was stabbing me with an ice pick. i even cried myself to sleep one night. I got Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers.

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