Buying a car- should I buy an auction vehicle?

    Is it a good idea to buy a vehicle from an auction?

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    It depend who is running the auction. If it is a wrecker service I would pass. If it is the DEA selling confiscated cars I would go for it. But, before you buy any vehicle get a Car Fax Report on it if possible. Best of luck and I hope this helps. If so a positive vote would be appreciated. Go with you instinct as well. If it seems to be to good to be true then it probably is. Last have a Kelly Blue Book handy to find out the values of the cars you are considering.

    ole hipster

    great way to steer tanmar11..thumbs up for sue!

    ole hipster

    I meant for sure..typo!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dont know how it works in the US,i'm assuming thats where you are but in the UK you buy the car as seen and have usually 30 mins afterwards to bring it back after that if the engine blows or you find other major issues with it you're stuck with it.You have a brief time before the auction begins to check over cars that interest you so my advice would be if you don't know a lot about cars then take someone with you who does cos it's easy to buy something that looks n sounds the part that'll be never ending trouble.

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