how do i apply ardell lashfree remover

    for removal of eyelash extensions

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    Below is a comment copied from another site about Ardell:

    My experience was with the glue that came with the Ardell Lash Starter kit for individual lashes.
    I was a noob to false eyelashes and explained my apprehension and inexperience to the SA at my Ulta. She strongly recommended the individual lashes since I was a beginner. Another customer tried to warn me about the glue, saying that it was hard to remove. I got the product anyway and ended up regretted it later. After a tedious and harrowing attempt to apply the lashes, I ended up with two of them, one on each eye. Fortunately, I was able to pull the others off before the glue dried; I wanted them off because I couldn't get them to sit properly, and they kept turning in all directions (and just looked weird and creepy). These two remaining lashes were stubborn, so I tried eye-makeup remover but soon realized the glue had already dried and these puppies were staying put. At this point I decided as a last resort to use the Adhesive Remover that came in the kit. In a stroke of luck,I did some research before doing that and decided not to after reading reviews rife with horror stories about burning eyes and lost eyelashes. Needless to say, I wore glasses for the next few days in an attempt to hide the awkward lashes dangling from my eyes. Finally, they did come off after days of trying to loosen them with regular eye makeup remover.
    Maybe I'm just a spaz, since other people were happy with the stay-put results. And I guess stubborn glue is better than false eyelashes that fall off during a date, so it goes along with the territory of individual lashes. Apparently a stronger glue is needed to keep them on, probably because unlike strip lashes, they can easily slip off between individual natural lashes. Still, how the S.A. thought that kit would be good for a beginner is beyond me. The package didn't have extensive instructions. I bought a regular sized tube along with the kit (which I never opened), and there was no mention of the need to use an adhesive remover! It should at least explain that these will stay on for days and that only a harsh solvent will take off the glue.

    The Ardell individual lashes have some great reviews, and so I hate to diss them so, but I just have to warn anyone who is inexperienced; you may have no problems (maybe you're more coordinated than I am), but it's good to be informed of the risks and possible pitfalls beforehand. I recommend having someone help you, someone who has experience. Also, give them a trial run at a time when you DON"T have an important event coming up, since they won't come off with regular measures, and the remover can cause lashes to fall off and/or irritated, swollen eyes.

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