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    Dating is not easy, but when you're in your 40's its even harder. As a 40+ year old woman, I've found it difficult to find men who are single, and wanting to be in a relationship. Most guys are wanting to have friends with benefits and the more the merrier. I am too old to be a booty call, I want something more substantial, a true friendship, some exclusivity. I don't want to wonder if I am one of many. So I am wondering where are the good guys, where are the real men who wanna date a real woman ? Why is this so difficult when you're older? You would think with age comes wisdom and maturity...not always the case..

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    Mam at 40 is something I donot consider you to be older

    I am in my forties as well. With the computer opening up the dating world it has become very easy for men to have it all and I agree that it is hard to find someone that is not after the booty call. In men's defense there are some good ones out there.I decided that I was going to try cereal dating online and went out on 35 dates. Most were a one time meeting but there were a few that I did see a few more times. Through that experience I realized that every man wants sex but if you don't hand it out the good ones will stick around. I have also found that there are still men out there that are not addicted ,if you will, to the whole Internet thing and seemingly always keeping their eye open for the next best thing online. I have often told women to spend time in places that they might have a chance to meet a man that has interest or qualities they are looking for. A great place is in the tool section of a hardware store...just asking someone that attracts your attention a simple question regarding a tool can be enough to start conversation. Another place is in the book store is easy to strike up conversation.There are great men out there, try something new...take yourself out of the box and get uncomfortable, strike conversation, make eye contact and smile more. Don't look at a man as potential partner at first...just spend that time having fun. It's not all just have to be a little more aggressive but in a gentle way. Look outside the Internet dating sights and you will find a whole new world of available men. Have fun

    Any advice for what a daughter can do to help her mom get out there and start dating again? It's been 5 years since my parents divorced and she's rarely leaves the house. She's a beautiful, smart, funny woman but she doesn't see that in herself. Is it better to just let her be and figure it out for herself or should I be encouraging and maybe a little bit pushy?

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