how does the laws in texas read if you are in your own house and you hit someone that was asked to leave

    my neighber was asked to leave he went out the door and then tried to reenter to cause me bodily harm so i hit him over the head with a chair. he called 911 and said he had been assaulted. cant we protect our family in our own house im a woman and i acted on impulse . at the court hearing they offered me to pay a two hundred dollar fine and court cost and online anger management classes. i have never been arrested for anything in my life. this is a simple assault ticket. my neighbor recieved one as well. i go to court on september 7th. i cant have a court appointed attourney because it is not a jailable offense. what do you think the outcome will be if i go without an attourney.i have asked this to be dismissed.

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    Wait, did he get back into your home? Did you hit him outside? If you hit him outside. They will want to know why you didn't go into the home and lock the door? If you were scared you would have went back into the home. Did he prevent this?Did he put his hands on you?

    What did he do just before you hit him?

    What was the argument about?

    How was your relationship to your neighbor before this happen? How do the other neighbors feel about this neighbor?

    When you are in court, remember to be calm, talk only to the judge, do not response to any remarks make by the neighbor. DO NOT SHOW A TEMPER! Control yourself.

    The judge is watching your behavior as much as he is listening to you!

    Wear a dress and one inch heels to court. Something modest, a solid color. Wear simple jewelry, nothing flashy, just a few pieces please. You want the judge to see you as a victim, or easy prey. If you have tattoos cover them up! Your appearance is very important! Make eye contact with the judge, and hold it. Talk slow, and do not get excited! Remain calm! These are the things he is looking at and looking for. If the court requested you to take classes, do it. Do everything they ask of you, it will be a plus for you in court.

    If you do all these things you should fair pretty good. It depends on what really happened, why didn't you go into the house and lock the door? This is a biggie! You need an answer!

    Good Luck!


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