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    strong textWhen you make a mistake on your circuit breaker application form. Is there a neither form on the internet that you can go to fix that mistake. Becuase when I call the 1-800 number it said that I could go too some form 1363 if you made a error on your application form. Because i did mind on the internet. Is there any way that I could fix it.Without waiting on thim to send me the 1363 form in the mail. P.S. Thank You

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    Nope, you can't fix it on the Internet. I know because I too receive a circuit breaker grant each year since going on SSDI some years back. Last year I filed in error I HAD to send them a paper revised form. They don't make it easy and do you know that the 2010 circuit breaker grant has been cut in HALF! (in Illinois for sure, I don't know about other states!) When your applying for circuit breaker it certainly means you NEED the money or you would not be applying! (I should hope anyway) Don't they just get the little guy coming or going these days?? Enough said, I could go on and on but who really cares??

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