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    why do miserable people live so long? and love to make other people miserable?

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    They live longer to prolong their misery. Miserable people can only make you miserable if you give them that power. Don't take on their misery as your own!

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    Granted there are a lot of miserable people in the world that appearances would be that they set out to make everyone in their brother just as miserable as they are, but I have always heard it said and believe it to be true, that hurting people hurt people does not make it right, but you know sometimes I think that is true but then again I truly believe that there are people nowdays that do not have any conscience at all and truly do not care about others so I wish I had a better answer for you, but one more thought some of those miserable people do not live as long as one might think. Just a thought......

    Because they stopped evolving spiritually, and no longer challenge themselves in that way.
    Life gets easier when you stop evolving. When life gets easy you become delusional. =] If life
    gets easy.. then you know something is wrong.

    thanks darcil, i believe this one person in my life likes to hurt people cause she is so miserable in her own life...and has no feelings what so ever how she makes people feel..

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