What are the needs of the homeless?

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    food, shelter, and medication.. [or meditation]

    Love and Support

    in a society were the wealth is controlled by an elite minority, that caters to corporate greed, and selfish Banksters, homelessness will continue to be a problem maybe we need to be more aware that basic rights are being swept aside,the needs of the homeless require men of compassion not puppets.

    For someone to give them a chance for the most part, stop and think about it how many of us are maybe one paycheck from being homeless ourselves. There go I but for the grace of God.

    money,supplies, food, water, love.

    Ill tell ya soon since the man that i have been with for 11 years is abandoning us my son with we claim joint custody of i am disabled and just beat cancer but have cell damage He put house on the market said he cant handle this and poof gone and abandoning boy boy he raised for 11 years with no regards
    we will be homeless in a few months

    needs of the homeless?? ummmm let's see? Errr - A HOME!!!!!

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