when to stop smoking?

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    As soon as you notice you're on fire.

    Don't bother starting. Have you looked at the chemicals they are adding to the tobacco. I don't know about you but I would prefer that they only pump formaldehyde into my body when I am dead. I just lost a friend that died from emphysema. She drown as her lungs filled with fluid, it took at least 3 years to go through the process before she passed on.In the end at 62, she walked with a walker, weighed in at 98 pounds standing 5'7" and lived with an oxygen tank 24/ that worth having a smoke?Think about it!

    ed shank

    I'm sixty. Started smoking at fourteen. Back then we were not aware of dangers of smoking as we are today. Quitting cigarettes is harder than heroin. Any dope fiend will tell you that, I will tell you that. Your answer is accurate and well taken, but if you've never smoked for an extended period of time you can't understand the addiction. Quitting is tough my dear very, very tough.

    I was a smoker years ago but was able to put them down and walk away. I remember distinctly the last drag I took, I gagged. I knew that was it for me and have never looked back. I guess I was just ready to let it go. My oldest son is a kills me to see him outside hurting his body like that. Realizing that nagging is getting me nowhere, all I can do is hope that final gag reflux hits him as well.Watching my client slowly deteriorate was awful, I hope you have found a way to put them down as well ed shank. It is a horrible addiction and an even more horrible end.


    You should have quit at $2.00 a pack.I did have more money now.

    i had been quit for a year.. then a couple of weeks ago started back... I HAVE to quit. I is hurting my kids to see me smoke. I am losing my dad to lung cancer... But I am just so weak in just about every aspect of my life right now. I will keep you in my thought and prayers... Please do the same for me. GOOD LUCK!

    You should stop NOW. Smoking is poison that kills you slowly, if you want to live longer and healthier life you need to stop smoking!!!

    So basically, I should stop now


    well I would think that would be an answer that you have to come to into yourself. No one can tell you what to do, just tell you their experiences from doing it.I would hope you would quit, being there is so much information these days as to what happens when you don't.

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