why am i not sleeping?

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    It is only 9 p.m., not yet bed time.

    Insomnia can have various causes:

    a) Depression or emotional stress. If there are things in your life that keep your mind rattling along that can easily take sleep away from you.

    b) You consume stimulating substances short before going to sleep: coffee, Coca Cola, black or green tea... some people even get an energy boost from chocolate or other sweets.

    c) You don't give yourself a chance to wind down before you go to sleep. Allow yourself at least half an hour of spare time after you finish attending to your obligations and before hitting the hay. Read something (not related to your job) or do whatever you feel can help you switch your brain off.

    d) Your surroundings. Is there too much light in your room at night (maybe from street illumination) or do you live by a noisy street?

    e) Not enough movement during the day. Do sports to canalize your physical energy, and spend plenty of time in the fresh air. Being a couch potatoe is couterproductive if you want to sleep (and live) well.

    Whatever your problem is, don't carry it around with you. Sleep is one of the most fundamental factors of health. Try tranquilizing herb teas, meditation, sport, or, if you are depressed, go for professional help. 

    Good luck to you.


    You are on the internet when you should be sleeping.

    If this problem persists for more than  2 nights, read this article filled with all kinds of organic sleep aids and ideas to help you sleep. Very interesting and helpful read


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