how can we burn these scamers and sue the hell out of them

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    A business in another state scammed me for $30.00 6 years ago. So I made another attempt to  get my money back every day. I contacted everyone I could find from the state attorney general down with all my proofs and history of action. The Better Business, Police, FCC, The bank the company did business. This outfit had thirty employees. I researched the company and got every bit of information on them that I could find out including the employees phone numbers and web addresses. I got a copy of the managers High school year book and  asked everyone I contacted to ask him to give me my money back. It got too personal when I contacted the managers mother who lives in the area and sent her a complete list of what I had done to try to get my money back. On day 63 he actually sent me my money back when I called him after talking with his mother and told him about all of his high school classmates who were about to be contacted about his bad business practices. I still get Christmas cards from some of them.       


    It may be of no avail to try to get money back on anything so be careful what you may choose to buy on line or be prepared to be calling them at all hours of their night and day as I did and to everyone they ever knew.

    Talk to a scammer attorney.

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