Do you think Obama is a Marxist in his political ideology?

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    No. He is a left wing progressive democrat.

    So Davey, you are a republican, have you been listening to Rush Limbaugh? I vote for the man rather than the party because the party politics is about confusing the public about events and discourages ordinary folk from looking into unbiased public records. The facts speak for themselves. “Aint it awful" is played by the under-dogs to gain public sympathy and support. 

    davey wavey

    What is it about people who read a question, such as the one I proposed about Obama, and draw erroneous conclusions that I am a republican? Have you not heard the allegations that Obama is a Marxist? Just answer the question for crying out loud, and stop assuming things. It's just a damn question. Though I'm not a republican, it's safe to say that they are not the underdog. Maybe I should apply the same reasoning to you. So, you're a Democrat, have you been listening to Alan Colmes? So, is Obama a Marxist, or is he not?

    My answer is still “no”.

    regardless of what he is hope fully he'll soon be political history..

    no. he is the best thing that happened to u.s people. he is concerned about the havenots.


    Bwaahahahaha!!!! Comedy, right?

    There all the same .Maybe Clinton is the best of a bad bunch

    He leans real real real real close to being a Marxist.   Yes.

    he is a sionist

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