Is the inadvertant taking of a Notary Public rubber stamping tool, and the voluntary returnof it to the police on the same day a Grand Larceny crime ?

    had some documents notarized by a Notary public at my regular Bank. While she went on some errand, I discovered that some more documents needed to be Notarized. I was very tight on submisiion time to thr Court, which was 45 minutes away'ate deadline to submit the papers to the Court. I reached into the open drawer, took the stamp to expedite matters, and inadvertly put it in my briefcase along with my pens pencils Drivers License, a lot of other documents and left the Bank.I have known this partcular Notary Public for twenty years and had no intention of "stealing " the Stamp. The police turned up and I went through my briefcase right in front of them, discovered the stamp and gave it them.They did not arrest me but said I should "surrender myself for Arraignment" three days later. I beiieve---according to the officers-I am going to be charged with Grand Larceny, even though they had assured me that if I found the stamp and and gave it to them it would ber treated as an "honest mistake" What is my defense ? I had no intention whatsoever of "stealing" the stamp for which I had no use at all since the Notary Public would have to sign anyway. What is my defense, and what case law is there dealing with like incedent descrirbed above ?

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    You can be charged for even touching the stamp let alone using it. You are not a notary republic. That right there, using it, is a crime. Removing it from the building even by accident is theft. So, what happened? Did you have to go to trial? Did you get off? 

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