Can I leagally change my Race?

    As a White Man...I'm being treated unfairly. Can I legally change my Race?

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    If Michael Jackson could, why shouldn't you?


    Wondered how long it would take before someone said that. :)

    Check out your back ground. YOu maybe like me. I have Mid-eastern, Rusian, American Indian, and several other nationalities. To look at me you would say plain ole white. I am clearly mixed but no one knows it but me.

    If Obama can do it anybody can

    Seriously? Where would we be if, every time someone was treated unfairly they changed who they were just to be accepted? Be yourself and if someone else doesn't like it, move on, it's their loss.

    How can you stop being white? That doesn't make any sense.

    I know this question is a joke but I'll answer anyway.

    We have civil rights laws in place that prevents people of any color from being treated unfairly. If you have a true and legitimate claim, then take your case to court and demand and end to what you feel is unfair treatment based on the color of your skin.

    DNA sets your ethnicity and since you can not change your DNA, then I believe you can not legally change your race. Since I do not believe your question to be 100% valid, I'm not going to waste my time researching if it's legal or not.

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