Longest recorded sniper kill

    What is the longest recorded sniper kill and the rifle used? Who Made it and where and when

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    one and one half miles mcmillian 50 cal sniper rifle

    I heard that the shot was made by a canadian sniper

    Carlos Hathcock had it for many years. 30-06 I think. Vietnam War. Several books about him and the movie sniper is based on his work. 93 confirmed kills.

    Roger Willcoe

    I have to wonder what it would be if Hathcock had been in the desert instead of jungle (Humidity).

    No broken rubber i fell about 25 yards short.I wanted to try again but cant afford the shells Don

    50 caliber don't know name

    why? are you planning beat that record?

    I,m nearly sure the record is held by a Canadian sniper ( over 2000 yds )

    such and odd question

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