islam in the west ?

    Islam is on the go to occupy the western world. Muslims occupiying every Friday the streets of Paris, blocking traffic and inhabitants to penetrate their homes and shops. How is it going in the US concerning this grave matter ?

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    France has allowed to many Arabs into the country who are now overpopulation the country and living in the slums, over a third of Frances population are Muslim, and they have been causing all sorts of problems and political unrest. Lets hope the U.S. doesn't make the same mistake.

    Islamic extremism is a powder keg just waiting to explode, if they can get into your country they will and their goal is to out breed you and overcome or convert you by any means possible.

    All "grave matter" belongs unto God, and God will not have it so, because Islam is the worship of the wrong god, and... because God has been woven into the very fabric of her (U.S) Constution,--God cannot be controlled and manipulated as Islam would have it in order to perpetrate the illicit Sharia Laws against humanity, and not the least of all, against women and children.

    what do you mean

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