how do you get pineapples

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    From a pineapple tree, or the produce section at the store or from a can. How do you get pineapples?


    Hello, you're back. Did you come back by canoe? How's your house?
    It was boring without you smacking the dumbs around. The others were mostly missing too.

    Pineapple tree??? Hahahaha!
    Chiangmai & Peoplelover should be able to answer this one.The come from the pineapple capitols of the world.

    Hey Eggie. Everything was fine here, just some limbs and branches down. I guess the street lost power for a few hours not too bad. I could have stayed and rode it out. Oh well, was good to see my mom anyway. I hadn't seen her in 3 years. The ride home showed me where the hurricane hit. Saw downed trees. Mostly eastern PA and NY. No flooding in my area either. We got lucky :)

    guess I was thinking of coconuts, sometimes I just answer quick to keep up with all the incoming questions. Was a weird question anyway.

    Really goofy question go to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!""""


    Buy them at supermarket.

    Tommy is correct I cracked up at my friend Colleens` "pine apple tree" Hate to have to pick the suckers from a tree, especially the rough leaf kind.

    Pineapples grow on a low bush type plant that has leaves exactly like the leaves on the top of the pineapple only much longer, I have one in my yard that is about 600mm (2feet tall at the moment

    The actual fruit comes up from the centre of the plant which is circular and it takes two years from planting to fruiting. After fruiting the plant is removed and a new one planted,

    Two varities smooth skin ( no serrated edge on the "leaves") and rough skinned that has serrations.

    To get "the rough end of the pineapple " is to draw the short straw.

    Smooth skins are normaly sweeter than rough skins and a lot sweeter than foreskins.

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