How does an electric meter know

    How does the meter know what time of day you are using power?  We got a statement to try and use on the "off Peak" hours for the savings.  The middle of the night is the best time to use power to save money and late afternoon the electric is costing the most---they say.  But how does the meter know when you use any??????

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    In the 1950s many power companies varied the frequency of the ac power based on usage. When the load was high the normal 60 cycle rate would go up to 65 cycles per second and the voltage would go down from 120 volts to perhaps 100 volts. Lights would dim a bit and motors would run hot. Complaints to the government brought legislation to force compliance in the utility. But this method allowed utilities to profit more during peek hours of consumer use but also adversely affected electrically driven clocks so the utilities regulated the frequency being delivered to 58-54 cycles per second to average out a 24 hour day more accurately so as not to fowl the clocks. With regulation however, it became necessary to find other ways for electrical producers to profit more during peek power usage and to this day, with many home systems feeding power into the system, regulating this vast entanglement has become a daunting challenge for everyone involved.  But surprisingly, it is all up and running rather well.  


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    "electric meters know”…..nothing.

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