Surgery & a cold sore

    Should I go through with foot surgery if I just started getting a cold sore?

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    Are you worried about a Staph infection? When I had my hysterectomy a friend of mine bought a tube of Mycitracin and rubbed it all over my ears, eyes, (she had me put it up in my) nose and anywhere I had a scratch or dry skin. She said this would help reduce my chances of contacting Staph during my surgery. I had never heard of doing this before nor do I know if it actually helps, but it did put my mind more at ease knowing extra precautions were being taken to protect myself.

    Please talk to your surgeon about the extra risks of contacting Staph with an open wound. I'm sure he/she will let you know if there are any increased risks and if the surgery should be postponed.

    I can see some point in your concern. My sister got cold sores and equated them with Bell’s Palsy with good reason, they can lead to that. There is OTC meds that can delete them from your mouth in one day now. Don’t take chances………..

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