what is a farmer

    what is a farmer

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    the cloesst thing to a pro gambler you will find. they put their money in the ground hoping it does not get too cold to hot too wet too dry and that traders in chicago deside their crop is worth anything.GOD BLESS THEM.

    According to the government it is anyone that has a potted plant, but I think it goes a little deeper than that. My definition is someone that has a some land and grows some agricultural crops like grains, etc. Others will say a farmer is a person that raises animals.


    I call people who raise animals ranchers.most of them raise crops for their livestock. Im so confused


    U R probably right dwayne. Ranchers raise animals and grow a few acres possibly 4 feed. On the other hand Farmers have a couple of acres to hundreds and most of this is generally exported.

    What about the people who have a catfish farm? What about worm farmers? What about people who run farmers' markets? What about people who Oh, what about Farmer Fannie Merritt? (1857–1915), U.S. educator and author. She opened Miss Farmer's School of Cookery in 1902; her Boston Cooking School Cook Book (1896) was known as "the mother of level measurements." What about the people who have a small business, and "farm out" (outsource) machine runs? How about all the dairy farms in Wisconsin and California? OHHHHH How about prison farms? Its an old but still valid phrase.

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