What is the strangest festival held in a city in your state?

    There is a small town that has a bug race, and in another a yelling contest too. All hear in good old  NC!

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    In the village where I live they throw wellies down the river wierd a this is a tradition going back 200 hundred years


    In saying wellies, do you mean boots? If you do I only know that from reading James Herriot's books. LOVE his writings! If not boots, what are they?

    Hi mitchmar yes they are Welliton boots James Herriorts book are brilliant thanks for the comment

    Another from NC.  A public female topless protest to promote women's rights.  What!?!!   Truly, how does that help women!   It only draws gawkers and very helpful to us.


    It worked for Lady Godiva. :)

    I'm related to Lady Gadiva. No joke.

    Cane toad races in Brisbane.

    Beer can regatta in Alice springs. All the boats have to be made from beer cans.& it's in the middle of a large desert.There is no water so the boats are people powered.Some of them are 30ft long.

    (A lot of beer cans).LOL


    How long to make one and are there prizes for various categories? Interesting..............Must be A LOT of variety! My husband would love it, he collects beer cans and all beer paraphenalia for most of his life! Would be something novel for him.

    It's an excuse for a big booze up.Building a yacht can take all year.I don't know what the prizes are.

    I've read several books on Alice Springs!
    The Aussie's have always been a crafty lot. Inventive, and insanely humorous.

    The last time I was in "The Alice" was in 1966.
    I was amazed then at how far ahead of the rest of the country it was at that stage.late night trading on a roster basis for the 4 hotels.Alcohol being sold in the supermarkets etc.I had the time of my life in this tiny little desert town,made a lot of friends.When I left on the train (The Ghan) virtually the whole town came to the station to see me off.It was a great town then & is now.

    Nude men and women with colorful paintings on their body walking, riding bicycle in San Francisco.

    " (Panda): Use to live there w/ (Wife) her home town, (Lisbon Falls, Maine U.S.A.) (THE ANNUAL MOXIE FESTIVAL)." Oh' How I miss that beverage ! "

    It worked for Lady Godiva?..............right,  We have SO much more independence and equality because of what she did.............................and we are still stuck where we still are.?  Yeah,.....Exactly, how did it work for her?.......  Please explain....................


    My son is happy. He put a poster in his room of her famous ride! Teens!

    I can't believe I spell that wrong! Here!


    It's cool that you related to her!

    Daisy, does he know he's related to her??hahaha-----that's cool that you know your lineage back to her. I do very much admire what she did, especially in the 1700's!  I just don't see how bearing female breasts promotes fairness and equality for us, it's only a distraction from the real issue and what the truly effective ways to promote that are.

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