this guy i've been texting and he's really nice and says he really likes me but on facebook he's saying i love you to other girls and then he texts me saying he loves me too? should i tell him to sling his hook cause he's a player:( ohh what should i do?!

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    Yes, Erin, tell him to sling his hook, erase his number from your phone and let someone worthy of you find you. He is playing "catch and release" with all of the girls.

     At 15, girls are desperate to have a boyfriend and often settle for whoever crooks a finger. They are often willing to compromise everything about themselves to be able to say they have a boyfriend.  We aren't bad or stupid, we just want to be accepted and loved.  I'm sure hormones are partly to blame. If we give in to the hormones, we are just like boys....many of them do all their thinking with the heads of their penises.  Think of where THAT head spends most of ITS time.

    By the way, he is not really nice if he is playing all these girls.  He is an egotistical jackass.



    Excellent, excellent answer Bob/PKB, girls this age need to hear these things, They don't have the experience at all to know if they should dust a player, or even if one really IS a player. Good advice for her!

    Thank you. I really appreciate this forum and the opportunity to help a little. The positive feedback so far tells me I'm pretty much on the right track.
    Let's hope Erin pays attention, even if this isn't what she wanted to hear.

    dump him on facebook.


    What a great idea! He deserves it.

    Tell him, yes there are many fish in the lake, but your not a carp that bites on anything.

    Maybe he's being very Christian-like to everybody.



    Are you the guys who's been telling ereey that you love her?

    I never said I was Christian-like, not yet any way.

    Christian-like? I doubt every Christian loves everybody. I sure don't, but I try to be compassionate. Perhaps you are mistaking Christianity for 60's hippie?

    hmmm, I think you're right. Hippies were the best. Make love, not war.

    thank you so much guys for the excellent feedback

    Bob/PKB your answer stood out the most and yes i have listened, i have told him where to go and it feels sad to let him go but worth it as he obviously doesn't respect me:/ thanks guys(:

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