Perhaps I might have better explained.

    While napping, all the elec went out, nothing was right and I have no watch, cell phone phone or battery powered clock. I was half asleep at the time. Thank you though, for all of your lovely facetious answers. I did not know I was required to qualify, I figured most were adults and would figure that someone really needed to know what time it is.


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    Since it's apparent you have a computer, the next time your power goes out, all computers show what time it is on the lower right corner of the screen.

    It's true, this site gets a lot of kids asking questions like, "What time is it?", "What's today?" "What's your name?", "how old are you?", "How old am I?", "What's my name?", "Where's my mom?", etc.

    Also, in order to give you the proper time since you are somewhere in the world and we do not know your location, you would have had to ask the time for the time zone you live in.

    Time to get a battery operated clock I think. :)

    It's is now 5:28pm EST


    And 22.38 pm in Scotland

    When you posted this question, it was 1:48 P.M. PST (Daylight savings in effect).  How does that help you?

    Also, there are so many facetious questions here that yours could easily have been mistaken for one.   Read around and you'll understand how yours was mistaken for one of them.

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