What are some ways to predict the weather without a computer or TV?

    Last summer, the power went out from a thunder storm, and my family had no idea what to expect next. We didn't know if there would be sun, or rain, or snow, or extreme humidity or what! I'd like a few signs and prediction tips, please.

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    When the maple leafs turn over your in for a storm. Old folklore


    This is so true. i have notice it is most leave.. even pine cones will close. I love having an old time farmer dad. aNd don't fish if the cows are laying down.

    most people with arthritis pain will detect a change in weather before any weather man can predict Reading the weather.

    •1593 – Galileo Galilei (Italy): First water thermometer.
    •1714 – Gabriel Fahrenheit (Germany): First mercury thermometer with Fahrenheit scale.
    •1743 – Andrus Celsius (Sweden): Invented Celsius scale mercury thermometer.
    •1848 - Lord William Thomson Kelvin (Scotland): Creator of the Kelvin Scale (measurement of hot and cold absolute extremes, for example absolute zero is -273C).


    •1400s - Leonardo da Vinci (Italy): First primitive hygrometer.
    •1664 - Francesco Folli (Italy): First practical hygrometer.
    •1783 - Horace B?n?dict de Saussure (Switzerland): Invented a hygrometer that uses human hair to measure humidity.
    •1820 - John Frederic Daniell (Britain): First dew point hygrometer using electrical resistance.


    •1644 – Evangelista Torricelli (Italy): invented an instrument called the Torricelli tube, a 4 ft long glass tube containing mercury inverted into a dish, used for experiments to create a vacuum. He suggested that it was the weight of air changing from day to day that caused variation in the height of the mercury. Using Torricelli's design, his colleague Vincenzo Viviani made the first mercury barometer.
    •1843 – Lucien Vidie (France): Invented a metallic barometer that he called aneroid, from the Greek, meaning "without liquid." The device consisted of a sealed metallic vacuum chamber which has flexible upper and lower surfaces connected to an index pointer. As barometric pressure changes, the height of the chamber fluctuates causing the pointer to move up or down. Aneroid barometers are compact and easily portable.


    •1450 – Leon Battista Alberti (Italy): described and illustrated a swinging-plate, deflection-type anemometer.
    •1805 - Sir Francis Beaufort (Britain): Created the “Beaufort Scale” used to visually estimate wind speed by observing the effect of wind on common objects.
    •1846 – John Thomas Romney Robinson (Ireland): Invented the first four-cup anemometer, predecessor to modern anemometers for wind measurement.

    rain gauge

    •1441 - King Sejong and his son, Prince Munjong, invented the first standardized rain gage. These were sent throughout the kingdom as an official tool to assess land taxes based upon a farmer's potential harvest.
    •1662 - Sir Christopher Wren (Britain): Invented the mechanical self-emptying tipping bucket rain gauge, the type used today for rain measurement in most home weather stations.

    Pay attention to cloud formation. Buy an anemometer, barometer, hair hygrometer, and a thermometer and learn how to use them by taking classes at your local community college or by researching them on your own. They can help predict weather changes for about four hours into the future. But looking at the clouds and knowing what they mean is important too. For example, in the mid latitudes, when I see high altitude clouds that look like horse tails, I know that rain is likely within 24 to 48 hours because they tend to be the start of a front coming through. But when I see the cotton ball clouds, known as Cumulus "Fair Weather Clouds," I know that the weather is fairly stable and probably will not change for the next 48 hours.

    shalom lass

    Thank you!

    call th dog in to see if he's wet!

    Try buying a battery operated radio as we do in OZ then when the power goes off you dont. Easy breezy, works in cyclone ridden Queensland cant see why it wouldn`t where you are.

    Just read all these posts and darn if Mom is not right on as she always is ! XXXOOO to you my friend


    Aww thanks for that...really a kind thing to say...right back at ya xxxooo

    Use your cell phone

    try looking out the window

    go outside and look up.

    go outside and look up.

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