i need real answers please this is my life im talking about.... so me and my girl split up on Friday and she went n slept with a guy 2s n now shes saying she made a big mistake n wants me back. should i take her back?

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    Who split up with who? Perhaps she was hurt by the split up and went out on the rebound then realized what a big mistake she made! If you two have been together for a while and you truly care for each other and if you can find it in your heart to forgive her and put the past behind you then by all means take her back. Don't try to retaliate by doing the same, that will only make matters worse. If you can't forget and forgive then move on. If something like that will erode your relationship and prey on your mind it will never work. So think long and hard about your decision first. She probably feels terrible about what she has done. Good luck in your decision.

    No, she's playing you as a sucker with a frig.

    I feel your pain. You must move on or this will end up killing you. You can never forget what she did no matter how big of a mistake she says she made. You now know she is capable of anything! The trust will never be the same again. You can choice to move on today and yes it will always hurt but, it will gradually subside and you will meet someone else. Or fake it and get back with her. By fake it I mean tell yourself it was a mistake and she will never do it again, when obviously she is capable and selfish enough to put your feelings on the curb while she is sinning and enjoying herself! When you make love to her again this will always be in the front of your brain. Wondering if they used protection, if she climaxed, did his penis feel better than yours etc... all of those sick and horrendous questions will never leave your mind until you get over her. I am sorry to have to put it this way but, unfortunately it's reality. You will get over this, I wish you Gods speed.

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