What percentage does an average person use their brain?

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    Unless someone is brain damaged (before birth thru mother's smoking or lifestyle or during birth through oxygen deprivation or accident or willfully being hurt by self or others) we use 100% of our brain. Check with Dr. OZ.

    Intelligence Quotents (IQ) measures really how fast someone can learn. In other words, one might have to explain to me 5 or 10 times how to do logarithms, but to someone with IQ of 130 plus, it might need only 2 times.
    At any rate, EQ is more important then IQ. EQ means Emotional Quotent.... how to cope with frustrations and difficulties. I'd rather have a "practical" intelligence that can repair my plumbing, then some philosopher with a doctorate to nowhere, repairing my pipes. Then neither the plumber's philosophy nor the philosopher's plumbing would do me any good. KW

    Sauerkraut: Where have you been hiding out? Good answer. Thank you. I like your Roses!

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    That's about right.

    " LMAO!"

    Hope it didn't cost you too much!!

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    I don't think there is a technical answer to this as I don't think anyone has ever ran their brains to full capacity.. How could you say that a person has used 25% of their brain when there's no way to measure the 100%.. I heard many years ago that Einstein only used 15%.  How do they know this?? 

    I would guess that if a person had an accident and lost 25% of their brain matter physically lost it and recovered, they are now functioning on 75% of their physical brain.. 

    Storage and logic potential has no percentage, we have no way of measuring this.. I know of no person in history that had overflowed their mental storage capacity. or just one day, their brain blew up.. LOL


    Mine may anyday.

    I use a small percetage, say about 10%, of my brain.  That's why I seldom need to take Tylenol for headache.


    I heard 10% on some science show. I don't know if they every change it.
    Your right!

    That depends on where their brain is situated.

    " Through the course of a day we use 100 % of our brain."


    How do you know this???

    "Just like I know that (mathematically) every star is precisely where it should be."
    funny pants love

    well not really, if we use all 100% then we would like super genuises( can't spell)

    Less than 10%, for sure.  Judging by some of the spelling and questions here (and I love all of us), I'd say there are a few who use less than 5%.

    We are supposed to keep our brains stimulated.  Puzzles like sudoku are good because they encourage us to use our logical and reasoning skills. 


    I am guilty.

    Define  Average  ?

    well im no expert but i thnk it's either 20, 40, 60 but im not sure

    it depends on the person....some of these juviniles on here about 4 %

    The statement about we only use a small fraction of our brains is total rubbish. Then again it depends on what you mean. Most of the time we attend to some specific and the " usage : of our brain is limited. Obviously when the cognitive load of a particular task, or task number would increase the " Fraction of the brain " That we use. So ; The short answer is; We use all of our brain.

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