my son has a 8by 10 foot room and he needs to sleep and study and watch tv and play video games

    my son is 16 and needs alot of room for clothes, i could put dressers in the closet ! please help me find a cozy bed for a large boy and lots of storage and a great inviting place to study watch tv and a little area chair bean bag for a buddy to play x-box also he has lots of trophys so i will need atleast a couple shelves but thats not a must

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    Put the bed on stilts, a single bed. Put the TV and dresser under the bed. You have room for a desk and bean bag.

    You can have one built, it's simple and not to pricey. Looks cool too.


    Thanks.Great idea we live in a small home and its so hard to find ways to save space and not break the bank!!! what do you know this was the wrong site, but you were able to help me more than the store i was trying to reach!! Thanks again:)

    Tell your son that, in Hong Kong, his room is big enough for a family of 4 (kitchen included).



    Is your son spoiled much?

    Sorry, I just find this a bit much for a kid who should use his bedroom to sleep in and do homework in. That's it.

    Anyway, you have the wrong site. We do not find beds or rooms or whatevers for kids.

    Thanks Im aware I have the wrong site now!! No my son is far from spoiled Im just trying to give him a place to sleep and study in the tiny space we live in....hes managed to do very well in school even though he does homework in the same room he sleeps in!!! sometimes people dont have a choice on where to do homework. not everyone has a large kitchen table or office area, sorry but I dont see it a bit much if its all you have!!!

    I put the head of my sons bed in the closet for years.. HE and all of his friends thought it was awesome.. But i refuse to have game systems or a tv in his room. I do allow a stereo.



    Hey Jenn has your son came "out of the closet"?
    HE, He, He Ohhhh Haaa, Haaa "Oh my sides hurt" "Put my sons` Ha, Ha, Ha, no more please."

    Yes he is out of the closet.. We have to many ppl using his bed to keep him in there.... You are terrible!

    Your welcome!

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