What can be used to get rid of dark spot under eyes?

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    The light switch.


    The only other thing I can suggest is regular and ample sleep.

    try cucumbers, just let the slices rest on your eyes about 30 minute. will also reduce swelling

    used t-bags or cucumber and leave them on the eyes for about 15 mins and try drinking more water and have early nites and not long on that lap top

    Dark eye circles was a huge problem in my life. I tried every over-the-counter product and cover-up cosmetic I could find, but most just ended up making me look like a clound. I am very glad to say that this guide uncovers a natural way to clear your dark circles from the inside-out, and not some makeup that will only hide the problem. This is really, really good try it out and drop me a line just to let me know.


    Hello sci, please check and rectify the link you inserted because it is blocked.


    I tried it,and looked like Fred Allen in the morning,

    There are various ways to remove dark spots. You can apply  a paste of honey and lemon juice on the targeted area. You can also cucumber juice with lemon.




    Hello west-bus

    My deepest apologies, this should be fine dont forget to let me know.


    For quick circle camouflage, apply eye cream and let it dry for a few minutes. Then pat on a creamy concealer that matches your skin tone. Top with a layer of loose powder, which helps prevent makeup from caking in creases.

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