What is your favorite food to eat while drinking milk?

    I like Graham Crackers and milk...

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    Oh oh ... So do I!! I answered before I saw your small print.

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    I like my milk with chocolate chip, macadamia  nut cookies or honey grahams.


    me too lol

    me too! milks favorite cookie

    Thanks Mel and carmaxable, lok like we have something in common. I've started drinking the flavored milk, I love the strawberry milk. Love you guys/girls.


    peanut butter and jelly sandwich

    Beer and cookies are good.. I haven't tried Beer and milk together..  I'll try that..


    ole hipster'll try anything once!

    Grilled cheddar cheese sandwich.

    My favorite to eat with milk is CHOCOLATE CAKE.

    I NEVER drink milk!  If I do,nobody wants to know me.lactose intolerant.Hahaha!


    I am so sorry for you: no ice cream or butter or dunking cookies, cheese or etc... Do you like tofu?

    I do eat all of those things.In strict moderation! & I have to be prepared to pay for it the next day.LOL
    & No,I never touch tofu

    has to be chocolate chip

    A sandwich with two pcs of sweet & sour rye bread, One large chicken breast with Dijon horseradish mustard and a cold glass of goats milk.



    I am lactose intolerant, hence, milk is not good for me.  However, if you call it ice cream, my stomach can handle it.  Go figure.

    I put fruits in my bowl of ice cream or my "milk".


    Sprouted wheat toast  with crunchy peanut butter, sliced banana and a dusting of cinnamon…and a glass of milk.      

    Oreo.  Milk's favorite cookie!

    ole hipster

    Oh yeah....can't beat a soggy oreo after drenching it in milk!!.(:

    I'd like to have triple decker chocolate cake.

    I do have Graham Crackers. I break them up in a bowl like they're cereal. Ginger Snaps cereal is good too.

    Why are the best things soooo bad for you?


    Chocolate cake.

    French toast with melted butter and powdered sugar on it, with bacon strips.  YUMMY.  The milk should be super cold.

    I am allergic to milk.  But fried miilk (a Chinese dish) is OK for me.  I eat it with vegetable.


    The reason you can eat fried foods with Milk, follows..
    To begin with, Lactose is the sugar in the milk we drink. lactose intolerance, occurs when a person can no longer digest the enzymes. It can be known as a child's colic, or an adults intolerance. This is an immune response a cause of digestive condition. Known, to little, all but few humans are subject to this. So, the ole' saying of Cat's Milk is False. Basically, NOW, all Mammals have a condition of Lactose intolerance, only few show hybrid tendencies. One simple thing to lower the affects or symptoms. Is to lower the fat content. That is why soy can be drunk, without such an affect.

    Cold Glass  of Milk with Pineapple Upsidedown Cake  warm.   MMMM   sweet

    Chocolate Oreos. Dunk 'em in the milk. Awesome!

    hi i whould drink milk with oreos penutbutter flaver and butter cokie or short bread

    Don`t drink milk except for milkshakes and even then only chocolate flavour. Do not eat whilst having milk shake.

    Nothing.  Just good chocolate milk and nothing else.

    I like milk with chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

    To be honest the best thing to drink is water.  Milk, provides all nutrients needed.  Anything else, can be placed as psychical, forming.

    Pecan pie with an icy cold glass of milk

    ....milk with cereal 

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