howe to get a strait line

    for laying floor tiles

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    Things You'll Need
    Measuring tape
    Chalk line
    Tile spacers
    Straight edge

    Measure the width of the tile. Add to that measurement the width of the desired grout joint. Multiply this number to get a distance that is easy for you to reach, approximately 2 to 3 feet. This is the distance between lines for the grid you will create.

    Measure out the distance you calculated from both ends of your longest wall. Pop a chalk line through these two points to span the area. Make absolutely sure that the line spans both of your points.


    Measure a second set of points from your first line and pop a new line through those points. Continue in this fashion until you have covered the width of the floor with chalk lines. Double check the spacing of each line and make sure they are exactly parallel and equal distances apart.

    Measure two points from one of the walls perpendicular to your starting wall. Try to start from a wall that is exactly 90 degrees from the first one. If not, you will need to adjust this first line to make sure it is exactly square with your first lines. Once you have the first line right, measure and pop the rest of the lines to make a grid across the floor.

    Start laying the tile at your long wall by placing the first tile square against the inside corner of one of your grid squares. Continue placing tiles inside each grid square, always starting against the same corner and working away from it. Care must still be taken to align the tiles within the grid squares and with the adjacent square, but if your starting lines are right, it will be impossible not to lay a straight floor.

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