Should I date younger men?

    As a 35-year old woman, should I date a 25-year old man? My 66-year old mother thinks it is wrong but my girlfriends think it is great! I am a professional who owns a home in a west coast beach community, a sports car and makes a six digit income. I don't want to go home to a dark house.

    There are no downsides to dating a 25-year old who will keep me occupied, are there?

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    Dating and getting to know someone is one thing, but letting him move in so you don't have a dark house to come home to is not a good reason. Get to know someone for a least a year first, can lead to problems worst than a dark house. You can get automatic lights there's no automatic men.

    My mom dated and eventually married a man that was twenty years younger than her. They stayed married for about 20 years or so, were divorced recently. So like most people, I will say,"age isn't really important," but I agree with Jen too. If you get along well enough and things start to get serious, make sure you both want the same things out of life.

    Once you start to consider a longer term relationship, it may be you don't have as much in common as you would someone closer to your age. I think If you find that you do have a lot in common, that would be a helpful ingredient to any relationship. It somewhat shrinks the age gap when your compatible and enjoy common things. Good luck, maybe try it out and see how it goes, at least you won't have to second guess yourself, or wonder what you may have missed out on.

    No Darling...go for it...age does not make a big will definitely realize this as you get older..I have been with a man 10 years younger than I for 15 years now (I'm 61) marriage..just all depends upon who you both are and how much you care for one another...doesn't hurt to's lonesome alone!

    Life is too short so take the bull by the horns and go for it girl.

    go for it, don't EVER let age decide what you can and cannot do. :-)

    Grab him and marry him. Just imagine, when you're old, you won't have to worry about the old age pension. And, you'll always have someone strong to push your wheel-chair.

    I'm 7 years younger than my wife, she's tired I'm not.. You work on that...

    country bumpkin

    Is your wife still seven years older than you Vinny?

    Not anymore, I am catching up to her. She's a queen! :) be lost without her, but I love razzing her. She's in Ohio right now, I am having to fend for myself. I stay hungry most of the time because I'm not allowed in the kitchen, I'm too messy.

    Why not? One of my friends is married to a man 10 years younger than herself. I dated younger men. You won't die from doing it and there is no shame except in the mind.

    Ms Sinclair

    I agree. Besides men can date women even younger than that. I don't see why you can't do what you want.

    It's cool to be a cougar these days,go for it if you have feelings for him.

    Dating is fine... But I would personally would mot marry.... Unless you are interested in having kids.

    If your hot and younger men find you attractive GO FOR IT. I married and older woman (2 years) and I'm happy...........MOST OF THE TIME. ;)

    Why not? Go for it. What to lose?

    whom ever you date just as long as there mature and have the same attributes and like as you. I have done the reverse in dating older woman I find that they are more set in there ways and could be butting heads,younger woman seem to be more out going and free and If I was to do it all over I would be with some one my age, there out there be patience. good luck with your choice
    I guess the downside is not having as many experiences in common. Like when you talk about a concert you went to or a world or local event or whatever, he might be like "oh I remember that I was in first grade". But if you can laugh about it, it will be OK!
    Yes! Men do it all the time so why shouldn't we! My friend married a guy 15 years younger. They have a child and they are very happy! I dated a man 10 years younger for a short while but felt a little awkward for me. My boyfriend now is 3 years younger which dosn't seem like anything.
    Heck yeah be a cougar then you can train him the way you want to ! LOL

    why would u. U must waste your life on doing it.


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