what dog breed fits my lifestyle?

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    What is your lifestyle?


    good answer Pamela lol

    Have a great Labor Day weekend, Pam.

    Thanks Flip, I will! :-)

    As every one has said we need to know more about your life style you do know that every animal is a commitment for at least 10 years or more they have to have thier injections every year and if you go on hoildays you then have to pay for boarding kennels and then there is insurance and vet bills and if you are in full time work this not advisable as your dog will need you and you must walk the dog at least two times aday what ever the weather hope I have not put of in getting a dog but please do some reseach on dogs before getting a dog if you do get  a dog you will have a lot of happy times and the love you receive will unconditional love from your dog good luck


    Mel you can tell sweet stories.all that you said is true male/female best friend,as you know i have or lead a dog"s life at home i have no insurance no vet bills feed for myself when she goes on holiday.Can you take in a poor but loving "Hound dog.( think about it)

    any time I must Dowsa but you must go on a lead for the first couple of days so you dont stray and I have to say that there wibe know tin food here only home cooked will that suit ! Love U Loads mel

    Mel you csn lead me anytime i"ll even eat tin food "Cat food ,you did have a cat called thomas did"nt you "Oh Purr purr.sorry iam a dog must rember that "Hound dog do you have full moons where you are girl thats when i start to "sing "Blue moon you saw me standing alone"but i was"nt you were there with a lead.saying hear Doggie. lot of love .

    Dowsa that was very funnie i liked the singing bit the only girl I ahve left is Phoebe and she is 5 months old love ya

    "What is your lifestyle?" is my question, too...

    Any old mongrel.They're cheaper & easier to get. They will usually eat anything & you don't have to waste time grooming them.

    If you're 6' 8" tall, a chihuahua would not be a dog of choice, and conversely, if you're a petite woman around 4' 10", a great dane would not be suitable either.


    Hound dog.Thats my life style.running after the "females. "Theres still life in this old Dog yet.Sorry What is your lifestyle. "Well you dont look happy "Oh A basset hound unhappy looking dog droopy eyes .WAs i right .Woof Woof is that a yes.thank you.

    Depends upon your lifestyle. You can google the breeds of dog that you "like" and you should be able to find explanations regarding the breed as to what livestyle they are suited to.....good luck

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