Do y'all think Republican representative of Virginia Eric Cantor's on pipe?

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    I think all democrats are  on crack, no doubt about that, afterall, modern democrat roots is with the hippy generation and they were all high on something. Poor old republicans all they do is work, raise families and teach them to work, go to church, pray for rain and join the military to fight for what they have and not for what the military is going to give them. (think sheehan)   We had bettter hope here in the USA that we get some republicans back in so to create balance instead of this crackhead PC world the democrats are proposing, there is no utopia, that is in the fantasy world of a crackhead hippy. We need both sides to make sure we don't fall into a dictatorship in which we are almost there now. a few more years and we will have a democrat liberal salute to all g'ment officials.  :)

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