What is your profession?

    current or former?

    My profession is in music industry. I am a musician and a teacher. You know now why I'm strong about Arts funding ;)
    I thought if we got to know each other a little more, it would be nice and help this forum.

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    Retired at 52. Was a bond broker.

    Me too, I am in the music industry, teacher, performer and also in instrument sales, pianos.


    Hey buddies! I'm also a musician (classical pianist and Jazz/Pop vocalist, also like to write songs). I make my living giving lessons (piano and early stimulation), and accomanying other musicians on the piano or on the harpsichord.


    Yes, a pianist/Hammond B3 .. I am a Jazz player, but I will do anything that is called for..Playing many, many years, also in piano sales, I have sold probably every popular piano name and some not so popular. Currently I am with Yamaha/Bosendorfer.


    WOW Maybe we can put together an akaQA marching band!!!!!


    wow, musicians here , i love music too , i play the violin and other instruments as well, not professionally of course,


    Good, are you a pianist?


    That's great! I am a classical pianist and conductor. I do love Jazz but I can't play. My passion is in classical music.

    <a href="/users/2069/doublehelix/">@doublehelix</a> I love violin. I play chamber music with violin and cello all the time.


    Cool! Where are you, in US?


    I didn't know a marching band uses piano ;-p


    I played piano on the back of a parade float when i was in my 20's.. I don't think i ever want to do that again..

    iam self emloyed "earth transportation engeineer" (union truck driver)!!moma was right shoulda went to colledge


    yes thats right daren1 you should always listen to your mum she knows best lol.

    Waste of space, used to be a dentist, now retired, bored stiff.


    OK Dentist here is a qustion for YOU... I am allergic the artificail sweeteners.. and cant get enough flouride from natual tooth paste. What do I do?


    how are your teeths? fallen off yet?


    great point ;)


    My teeths as you call them are great, they don't fall off and they and will last me the rest of my life. Everybodys teeth(s) should last all their life if they look after them.


    OK Jenn, I suggest you look into Xylitol, a sweetener derived from birch tree bark which has the almost magical property of repairing early decay in teeth.
    No charge for this consultation!

    My beginning was cabinet making, gradfather and mantle clocks. With the advent of the Korean War being from a traditional army family I did a stint in the army but was medicaled out. Then I went into sales and marketing where I stayed until retiring 10 years ago. Total work force time , started at age 14 retired at age 69.Best time? in the army, loved it.

    I'm the invisible woman, and sometimes I make my own bread


    You should do that all the time not just sometime, not very many woman does it now days, I love homemade bread!!!! You are one of those awesome womens that we have left few!!!

    I'm a Freedom Fighter, duh.


    duh... nice.

    I own a security alarm co. since 1982 and ready to sell.

    UNi Student...

    lol sammy ;)


    should have read this first DH then i wouldnt have looked such a tit by implying that you were married haha.

    Freelance writer.


    that's awesome !

    Factory worker, Harley-Davidson Dealer, oil field pumper, Ins. salesman, electric wiring homes, plumbing homes, mechanic motorcycles, Internet business, now retired due to disability.

    Sub teacher...

    i have been in sells my whole life . now in industrial filtration i enjoy my work

    i am a support worker,and i love my job very rewarding.


    whats a support worker?


    awwh, what an awesome thing, you get to meet all kinds of people and have free chat with them ;) that's a great job.


    hiya DH,i support people back into work, help homeless people find housing.

    I m a painter and an art teacher


    Cool, I am an artist myself. I noticed you haven't been here in 22 days, but if you come back here look me up on this site.
    I run my own business as a Farrier.


    Super Gladiator

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