So, how many identities do you have here, one or more?

    I bet many of regulars have more than one id.....LOL

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    There's only ONE Coach! Extremely glad to see you here Colleen.



    I'm just me always. I don't even have more than one facebook account. I know people who have 3 or more. No, I have no reason to hide. I am who I am and will never pretend to be anyone else. I even use my real name. ; )

    Oh and do you really believe anyone would fess up to having more than one account here? LOL


    I believe you, Colleen. You have my word.


    LOL @fess up, I miss that thought!

    9 Answers

    Just one for me, I don't want to get in disagreements with myself. Check this out. I am a member of a few sites, my personality changes with each site. I think here I am more of myself than the other sites, this is the only site I used my real name..

    Only one, sometimes I have a hard enough time dealing with myself let alone two of me

    only just one, but i do however have 16 differant personallities thats my problem signed,,,,,kevin,mike,roy,rich,john,pete, hary,tom,ricky,steve,jimmy,tony,greg,larry, dean and......daren



    Well you have it easier than others with multiple personalities. At least yours are all the same sex. ; )



    Must be tough when you get into spates with each other. I hope neither one of you is a face slapper, lol

    Ms Sinclair

    Hmmm... Maybe one of your names should be Sybil.


    except for ricky, we date once and a while


    il have check with ricky , she's the jelous type

    Only one on this site!!!

    Nope I have only 1 identity me just plain ole me.......

    One on here, but many in my life. I am identified as a mother, daughter, sister, lover, girlfriend, bestfriend, stylist, gardener, housecleaner, pain in the ass to some, possibly a biotch to'm sure my kids have many more than I want to say.It seems so simplified to just be one identity on here!

    Just one for me too. I think that some people here have more than one identity so that they can thumbs up themselves and also make it seem as if more people agree with their opinions than actually do. I could be wrong about this but I don't think so.

    So many new(?) members...

    Just one.........

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