is it normal to have muscle spasams one year after you had a boob job?

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    After breast augmentation surgery, muscle spasms are common. As the pectoral muscle adjusts to the presence of the implant, the spasms will cause you to feel tightness in your chest. After a week or two, the spasms should go away. Sometimes the spasms will not cease for three or four weeks if you received a relatively large implant size. Your cosmetic surgeon can discuss stretching routines and massage techniques to alleviate the discomfort of muscle spasms. If you are experiencing severe discomfort, you should consult your surgeon.

    Muscle spasms are more likely to occur with a submuscular implant position, a procedure option placing the implant underneath your pectoral muscle. Another option is a subglandular breast implant, which is placed under the breast tissue but above the muscle.

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