Suggestions! What we need to keep this site clean and respectful?

    I like this site a lot. I think we can make it better. What would we need to prevent from misbehaviors in this forum?
    I mean technically, not from us to do something, but to suggest to the administrator? For example, a real photo ID? too much?

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    i think photo id is abit too much, most people don't feel comfortable with their face exposed to the world, you know the dangers of the internet and stuff.

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    Turn it into a general Q&A..


    By doing what?

    Good grief. Why is there always someone trying to mind control others? A public forum is for people to vent their thoughts and opinions, uncensored. If you don't like the forum, then I suggest you not play along.


    that's so true Ff

    As you can see, Peopleolver has crossed the slander line now and is changing other's postings to make then look bad. This will be the end of this site now, it will be a free for all now that people know they can mess with anothers post.


    Fof G you are correct that I did change a posting but you are incorrect as to my reason for so doing. I deleted it because I was sick and tired of the rantings. I wanted to dicard all the answers as well but could not do so, the whole thing was so purile. Also there are NO guidelines to say what we can or can`t do or if there are I certainly have never been made aware of them. Question for you what do you mean by "crossed the slander line" HUH!?

    Most sites like this forbid foul language for one. "Respectful" is always going to be a judgment call. I've seen moderators warn one person for an insult and leave another slid just because of the point of view agreeing or disagreeing one way or the other with the moderator, so this never works real well.

    For example, you will have people here say that I am disrespectful and this is really only because they did not like my answers. I don't think actual rudeness can be stoppped. The best we can do is do our best to not repay evil for evil and let the Light of Jesus overcome the darkness.


    You have a point, but with too much information put out to the public it could create unwanted stalking also.


    that is true FoG


    I'm looking for a change from the site, not from our behavior, so that people would take Q&A or debates more carefully . If our identity is easy to be revealed, we would behave.

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