If you are a christian, which denomination do you belong to?

    It seems like many christians here, I'm curious.

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    Yes, GrandPa. Many different religions serving the same God in many different ways. :-)

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    Non-denominational It's similar to Protestant, but believes that there should be no added rules to the Bible and that the Bible is the ultimate authority on the answers to any question.

    It's a cool church we don't take an offering, but have boxes in the back of the church if you want to give. Tithing is only talked about once a year, the pastor believes that if you are doing God's will he will meet your needs. You don't have to go on t.v. and beg for money, this hurts Christians as a group.

    That your faith should be shared in a loving way, not judgmentally or hypocritically. All people are welcome to church services, homeless, gay, Catholic, whomever. We are all sinners no one is better than any other human being.



    Jesus did not say anything to us??

    Jesus told the world how to be saved and how to show love to God and to each other. Jesus lived love and PREACHED save yourself from hell by trusting in Him ALONE. Jesus SAID that those who REJECT Him will not be saved.


    t.u., schubee, thanks It's one of (if not) the largest growing churches in the world. Older religions have rules and traditions that aren't necessarily biblical. The Non-denom's go from the Bible only. I was born Catholic, saved as a Baptist, then in my teen years started attending Non-denominational churches and haven't looked back.


    I like that!


    I was born and raised Catholic, and still believe in Catholicism. That is my choice. I went to non-denominational church like you belong to for 4 years. I loved the people there and the pastor was formal baptist pastor. I loved the sermon, I loved everything. But there was something missing and I went back to Catholic church. Like I said, that was my choice and no need to debate.


    I respect other religions. I respect other people's choices. Some people here try to convince others to follow their belief or to prove they are right. You can't do that. Jesus didn't teach that way. If you want to change other's belief, you need to show him/her why it is worth to do with your action, behaving like the one, not by words, using the words of Jesus. He showed us how God loves us, didn't say to us.

    Born and baptized Lutheran, still am.

    terryfossil 1

    Way to go JD,i am in a Lutheran Retirement Village,but i am not Lutheran,seems okay though..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I was baptized in a church named "The Congregational Church", I was raised without any Church going with the exception of going to church on Easter. Why just Easter? Damned if I know. I attended a Lutheran Church with a girl friend for a short time. With about 45 years going by and being married a second time to a good woman for 30+ years I made a decision and became Catholic two years ago. I am very happy with my new religious commitment and wouldn't trade it for any other.



    At least your honest about it... You the ones with the magic underwear??? lol

    I think that is the mormons

    the "church of extreme profit" (jk) no that would be the, grew up catholic, now baptist and im still growing up!

    I belong to the Church of the Nazarene:

    It reached the two-million mark in full and associate
    membership. There was a record number of new Nazarenes: 173,204—a 4.55 percent gain over
    2009. It is worth noting that just 20 percent of the world areas produced 96 percent of the
    membership growth in 2010.

    It was also the best year ever for organizing churches. During each of the past four years
    the denomination has organized over 1,000 churches worldwide. This year’s total of 1,327 is 149
    more than the previous record set in 2009.

    Love, Randy

    I am but simply this a Christian.

    I am Penticostal and a bit of Baptist thrown in.

    Non-Denominational also.

    Church of England
    On the subject of money, I give during the collection at a service. I will not enter a church, of any denomination anywhere, that charges admission. Entrance to any House of God should be free. One example is England's York Minster, who claim they need the money for the upkeep of the building. My answer to that is that Durham Cathedral, one of the three largest of its kind in Europe, relies on donations. It is a Grade One listed building on a World Heritage Site, as is York Minster, and beautifully cared for: what they can do, so can others.

    I take my direction from the faithful and discreet slave (class) mentioned at Matt 24: 45-47 because they are an essential part of the fulfillment of divine prophesy. See Matt 24v14. Amid a world of disasters, war, earthquakes, food shortages, unspeakable acts of violence and sexual perversion, only one organization has become Awake to the fulfillment of bible prophesy and the role true Christians should be playing in that role, Namely to preach the good news of (Christs established) Kingdom in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations.

    To be able to preach a weighty in all the inhabited earth currently in 246 countries in over 500 languages under fierce opposition from many other religious groups requires implicit trust in the Creator. Some 7.5 million dedicated preachers and teachers are proving that they are more than up to this challenge.


    I don't mean to sound offensive, but your teachings are not Christian in any sense of the word. If you don't understand the Eternal sacrifice that Jesus offered to save a lost and rebellious planet, then you have no business using the Christian name. Error is not meat.

    I'm not. Hurray!


    One does not have to be a fundamentalist (Pharisee) to be a follower of Christ. After all it was these literalists that crucified him.


    I need not declare myself to any but God Himself. I have already answered the question but you apparently cannot understand the answer. I am a Christian, I follow after all of Christs beloved teachings I hear them in my heart. I only share what the Spirit moves me to share. I do not seek to convert anyone; I am not asking anyone to believe anything I share, only to ponder these things within, there is a most wonderful and powerful being within men if they will but seek. It is their own true self :)

    I was christened church of Englandin hospital!(I was ill as a baby).went to Methodist the most and Pentecostal sometimes with a friend.My husband was a Baptist.Since being married we have tried Church of England,Weslyn Reform and Methodist.For the last 10 years we have been at a church that belongs to pioneer movement and is lively and evangalistic.Think we are settled there now.We are in the U.K northamptonshire


    I don't go to church or believe in organized religion.


    Brother Mitchell, you do realize that God is the One who called for organization in the body of Christ?

    The saying goes, when you find the perfect church join it, then it will not be perfect anymore. What matters is does the church seek to glorify Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching, evagelism, worship and fulfilling the two greastest commandments. NO church is perfect, but a good church should be trying their very best to be like Christ.

    Ask not what the church can do for you, but what can you do for the church.


    That's funny! I guess you have to take the good with the bad, either way, from a social point of view. I have at one time or another visited just about every denomination (not every church) in California.

    Headless Man

    I say that churches are like cars you need to test them before buying. Love, Randy


    You should try my church they are very unorganized.


    So FOG, what denomination do you belong to?


    And your church, Randy?

    Roman Catholic

    To any church. As long as you have clear that Jesus is the only way to get saveD. Listen to what is taught in your church and if it is the same that the bible says. you are good. Remember God is everywhere, but if what you hear is different from God's words (the bible), GET OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!
    If you had not heard the term: "denomination" before, the first thing that comes to mind is one of two things: "denotation" or "division". ((Interesting how the first 5 letters jumble the word "demon")).

    Yet, denomination is the division of faith by one organization into it's own classification. However many denominations that Christianity has, it is still the following of Christ that takes precedence.

    I, am Christian. I belong to no denomination and am sister to them all.

    Your sister,


    If I got married, it would be in a Unitarian Universalist church. They allow all faiths, and that includes neo-paganism. Its been done many times before.

    apostolic pentecostal

    None. you don't have to belong to a denomination to be a christian, some are only christians when they are in church

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