What is bluegrass music?

    I am a professional BG musician and am writing an article about the genre.  Curious to know how people understand it.  What say you?

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    well from one professional musician to another, i don't know much about bluegrass but I would think it has Celtic beginnings. The clogging and all-- many irish, scottish and others of that region settled in the Appalachians and begin having their saturday night jam sessions, one person play a bit another joined in, and another until it became a cacophony of whoops and hollers, pickin' and grinnin' and good times dancing do si do. and all that! LOL..  I don't play bluegrass but I do enjoy listening to a group of 'pickers' go at it..  I guess its my Midwestern roots..They have lots of bluegrass there..  I leave early though, to avoid the flying jugs later on in the evening.. :)

    davey wavey

    Hey Vinny, thanks for the input. You nailed most of it, especially with the focus of the celtic, scottish-irish influences. Bluegrass was pretty much invented by Bill Monroe, and especially with the introduction of the blazing five string banjo of Earl Scruggs. Other influences on Monroe were genres such as Dixieland Jazz, Blues, and early country styles from cats like Jimmy Rogers. The whoops and hollers have been more a part of the old string bands and mountain music folks, yet there are a few that get whooping in bluegrass. Good stuff.

    I certainly agree! I know all those players you mentioned, When I think of the 'Music of America' i tend to always think of Country Music, bluegrass to me is country music on steroids. LOL As I said, I don't play it but i love listening to it, it does tend to wear me out in a short while -- Freeform, 'here, hold muh beer, watch this.." LOL I love it!! My motherinlaw played banjo, she's from the Appalachians,She was pretty good! also played a dulcimer-- It was quite funny when I would play the piano with her, I would sometimes talk her into coming to a local place i was performing and we would do a duet.. Banjo and piano-- or as she called it 'pianner'.. LOL what fun..

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