Should this site be closed to all but regularly participating members?

    I think it should be.

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    I dunno myself getting a bit tired of the  silly questions and nasty ones and the idiotic racism questions but we have freedom of speech but that should not give the freedom to say things  that hurt  and destory ETC

    I think there should be a mechanism to screen out silly, abusive and invalid questions before they are posted on the screen rather than to close the site. 

    I dunno Itsmee.I know what you mean but without new members it would get a bit boring.Don't you think? How do you get to be a regular without being a new member? You gotta start somewhere.



    You certainly have a good point there, tommy friend.

    I think it is here to help answer questions for everyone..  I think the members would run out of thing to ask...  I think policing the site would be good... As well as having an expiration of membership it is not in use.

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