did anyone on here come on this site looking for love?

    did anyone on this site come on here looking for love?

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    Sorry bout the entirely out of context rant,I'm okay now it's out of my system.
    Anyway to the point does anyone come on this site looking for love??
    I doubt anyone would be on this site with the express intention of finding love as there's countless dedicated dating,relationship or hook up sites for that but you never know there may well be a few.In my experience if you go looking for love you never find it,it finds you when you arent thinking about it or seeking it.I know I've been told many,many times on here about god's love but thats not the

    Would be sad if one did.

    NO, this isn't the place. Try one of those dating sites, you may fair better.


    Looking for love in all the the wrong places......Can't get that tune out of my head now. ;)


    lol,no im not looking for love on here ive got a partner thanks,i was just curios thats all,thanks for your advice lol.


    havent heard that tune before TSC, sorry i put it in your head lol.

    I think the only "love" you'd find on this site would be that of friendship or just caring for the folks you "see" everyday and like, you feel love for them. But like a dating site...nah,..teasing in jest...sometimes!

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