ban the word bigot

    do you think we should ban the word bigot on this site????

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    lol, weird you mentioned that. I just read the post "How do you bann someone on this site" and now I'm rethinking my answer :p


    its the only word that she uses to describe eveybody on here,perhaps she needs to take a closer look at herself!

    No, its a useful term for some people on this site

    bigot is meant to dissuade people from making racist statements. It may sting, but this shot is good for you :D

    What would be the point in banning it and why do you think it would be advantageous to??.Do you feel its overused,or maybe you don't like anyone having robust opinions on what others have to say.If someone asks a question or responds in a narrow minded and negative way then if they're accused of being bigotted that's freedom of speech in action.If you ban a word then we'll find many other ways to express our opinion.Thats the joy of the English

    Ms sinclair seems to like the word very much lol.


    This all started because I posted a few racist jokes in a thread here a few days ago. Off-Color and race related jokes ALWAYS offend SOMEONE. To some they are funny, to others they are not. Ms Sinclair should get over it already. I never surrendered to Political Correctness in my life and I won't now. Tell me a German/Irish joke that YOU think is funny and demeaning if you like. I guarantee you I won't lose a second of sleep over it. I'm not INSECURE about who I am. Apparently Ms Sinclair is. Sad.


    some people on here take things to heart,but they shouldnt its only someones opinion.

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