does anybody on here really care wether jesus existed or not?

    anyone on here really bothered wether jesus existed or not???????

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    Nope, doesn't bother me at all, very common question!


    What I mean by that is: the religious questions about Jesus don't bother me, the questions about politics, don't bother me, this question and answer site. People don't need to be offended or even change their minds, it's just a discussion.

    I've seen a few posters now beginning to complain about the Jesus questions. NOw if you don't care about Jesus or God then what draws you to engage in these threads?

    There are hunderds of threads that have nothing to do with Jesus questions, why not just ignore the Jesus threads?

    People always speak of the "intolerance" of Christians. This site has many ungodly questions being asked and do you here me complaining? I just simply don't participate on these threads, Am I shouting for them to be STOPPED?

    Show some tolerance, don't open up the God questions. Maybe in reality your soul is really searching for something more than what you are experiencing without God in your life. Maybe you really want to know more about God and Jesus and this is why you cannot resist opening up the threads.

    thanks for your input from the question but the answer is no i am not SEARCHING FOR ANYTHING,nearly every other question is to do with god or the bible,the reason i open them is to see what rubbish people have wrote quoting chapters from the bible,they belive they have all the answers,in fact it makes me laugh,if there was a god this world would not be in the mess it is now!


    Religion and politics have always been hot topics and will be as long as mankind exist in the state we are in now. You could create a site banning politics and religion, but it probably wouldn't get much traffic. Just enjoy and try to be opened minded.


    thats a fair enough answer friendofgod

    thanks leeroy,i thought i was the only one on here that doesn't give a monkeys wether he existed or not.


    Add me too.

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