as anyone recently quit smoking

    as anyone recently quit smoking

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    It's not the giving up that's hard (well it's not easy) but it's the staying of them that's hard.First time I gave up for 9 months,second time 2 years ,third time 4 years.
    Guess what....I smoke.

    I was a 3 pack a day smoker,, I tried to quit many times but always went back by day 3.
    I tried Chantex when it first came out, but it made me so mean I couldn't stand myself... so I just gave up !!!
    About 9 months ago I had a lump on my neck... it had to be removed... I was nervous because it was on facial nerves and I could walk out of the hospital a freak for life..( a result from cigarette smoking I was told.)
    I quit smoking this past September 15th cold turkey. It was so much easier then I could have imagined... It is definitely a mind set.. if your not ready to quit then you wont..
    I have also gained 20 lbs... ( Not Happy ).... But I can lose that once I set my mind to it I hope,


    Those that said cold turkey are correct. It also takes a quality decision (one that you can't go back on) to quit, no matter what. It takes about 3 days to rid yourself of most of the physical addiction, and this is hell. The rest is psychological, and can take years for some people to get through. But again, you need to have the mind set, that you will quit, no matter what, and then you will.

    Chemtrails made what would have been a clear blue sky day into an ugly overcast day so no still getting smoked.

    I quit smoking recently after breaking up with a girlfriend who was ruining my life. I just stopped could turkey 2 weeks after she was gone. I smoked b/c of all the stress she caused me to have. Sometimes making positive changes in your life will help you make other changes that were being caused by it. I hope this helps you.

    I am free from smoking now 4 six months. I'm almost 55 y.o. and I smoked 4 37 years. I went "Cold Turkey" as far as I'm concerned this is the only way. There R many businesses out there that will sell&promise U that U will be weaned off this nasty habit, don't believe it! Good luck

    I smoked for 9 Years and loooved it. I needed so badly to quit. I got on Chantix. Yes, you have weird vivid dreams, but so what? Its worth it. You can take it for up to 3 months I believe and you can still smoke the entire first week. I took my first pill on a tuesday and the following tuesday I quit smoking and chantix. It is a miracle drug... well, at least it was for me.. That was March 31st 2009. Good luck!!!!

    I've smoked for 36 years and finally Quit, as a result of seeing a gross commerical about a man sitting in a wheel chair and saying this is what smoking has done to me ! Sitting in that chair looking like someone who is 70 years old with an oxogen tube hanging from his mouth, created a image that I would one day look like him made me quit cold turkey. Its been two years and I don't regret or miss smoking. I can breathe , smell, taste, and feel better as a result of quitting,and you will too if you set your mind to it. Tony P.S Hope this helps and you quit too

    strong textI've been smoking for 43 years, Camel nonfilters since '76' the BEST Damned cigarette on the market! When I tried them for the first time they were great, I no longer had to turn my throat inside out just to get a satisfying 'drag' off a cigarette. It was just recently (last couple of years)that I started to consider a second one right away. That's when I began to think they were getting the best of me.
    In '04' I had to return to San Diego for med. reasons (damn it). Not long after that though I began to notice the ashes weren't making it to the ash tray, it's a nasty mess if you wear alot of black and you're sitting in a wheelchair! Did you know Cailf. requires a particular type paper being used in all cigarettes that are sold in this state. (Made me think though,That's a no good low down dirty rotten stinkin' nasty way of cheating as far as I'm concerned!)
    Reguardless, the seed was planted. I started to ask around for, maybe a partner, we could hold each other up when the 'craving' got bad or maybe after Christmas, no, New Years, that will be our resolution together. Didn't work. Who knew what that 'good friend' was doing when not around and better yet! What in Hell was I doing when they weren't around. So finally, 7 or 8 months ago I just quit(two weeks later the beer went too). BUT!
    The 'Craving' never qoes away, you just have to get better at it and when I asked around about that everyone told me the same thing "it never does". Now I have to admint if I was trapped in a car or any other situation like that (with someone smoking) 6or7 times I've succumed to that beast!
    You Just Have To Have The Where With All To Keep At It!!! GOD SPEED MY FRIEND
    Reguarding those who are so compelled as to worry about our spelling or grammer ... Be Damned!
    Fore Those of Us Who Are Here ... WE ARE AT WAR

    I don't know if you live in NY, but I called the New York State Smokers Quitline - 1-866-NY-QUITS (1-866-697-8487) and they sent me free patches. I also called them when I was feeling tempted to smoke. I've been smoke-free for 3 years now, and I smoked for about 40 years! I also bought an E-Z QUIT®
    Smokeless Artificial Cigarette System
    for toll-free orders call 1-800-724-4723, which helped me with the oral need to inhale deeply. They only have the menthol flavor, I think, which was perfect for me because I smoked menthol cigarettes. I still puff on one now and then, or I just take a deep breath and hold it, and the craving goes away. I also light sweet grass incense when I want smoke around me. I still go outside like I would if I were smoking, or put my window down a bit, like I would if I were still smoking, so I get the same sights and sounds that I used to enjoy as a smoker. You can do it! I have faith in you.

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