why is everybody obsessed with jesus and what the bible as to say?

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    Honestly, I believe because the end days are at hand and we, who believe, want all to accept what Christ Jesus did for them.

    because inside of each and everyone of us is a god shaped hole a desire to know the truth, a desire to know that we are more than just mere animals. jesus said "i am the truth the way and the life". without christ we are lost in eternal darkness here on earth is just a blink of the eye, so why wait till its to late to find out the truth! open your bible today , dont wait a moment longer and ask jesus into your heart.

    "for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son,that whoever beleive in him shall not perish but have eternal life" john3:16

    Because I believe and because I accept Jesus into my heart that is the best I can answer you and I hope and pray that you do too before it is too late.

    Because in the heart of man if he is honest he wonder's.
    Is there more than this world. GOD our ETRANAL FATHER EXISTS
    my BELOVED FRIEND AND JESUS THE MESSIAH to JEWS first and everybody else.
    ALL. HE waits for call on him to forgive for all sin no matter
    what they are.Tell him what you have done all have He will forgive you.Jesus died for the JEWS FIRST then all GOD THE FATHER AND JESUS THE SON LOVES YOU
    come home home to them please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because we are born again CHRISTIANS.And we know that JESUS CHRIST is coming back very soon.Hope you accept him to. DON

    cause people are crack heads and need a life

    All ends are only a beginning. Let go of the fear of doom. You are merely afraid
    that it 'won't' come true. The time of spiritual awakening has already arrived, dates
    are irrelevant. Misguidance. =]

    If you really want your soul to be free then the truth will resonate within you.
    Your third eye will open. religion is unnecessary. unfortunately many people
    prefer spiritual slavery.. not wanting to take responsibility for their own soul.

    much love =]

    i am totlaly against the first answer it is just stupid do you want to go a bad or good place when you are dead

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