cat poo in your garden

    how do people feel about cats pooing on their garden?

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    I've just posted a similar comment.

    Cat owners don't like it when their cats poo on their own garden so why is it okay to let them out to poo on other people's???

    They don't even cover it up again... At least most dog owners pick their dog poo up...

    they are just pointless creatures,its not like you can put a lead on them and take them for a for wearing rubber gloves to pick up the neighbours cat poo in my own garden the cat owners should do it,if i catch a cat in my garden pooing il rub its nose in it or chuck it back over the fence!

    no problem

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    Nothing much to get worked up about, if you have a moggy or your neighbours do, wear gloves in the garden. If this is not good enough, get a 2 litre plastic pop bottle, and put a bit of water in it - this is supposed to scare cats off!!!!

    Buy some lion poo pellets from Amazon. Few cats have ever met a lion but somehow they instinctively know that if they did, they wouldn't get along, so they stay away.

    fill a bottle with water big bottles and place it in ur gardenthey see the reflection of them and run off

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